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Our Team



Our Mumsky, trained mechanical engineer and mobile marketing expert, is Hungry Dawgz Head Chef and Head of Product Development. With Hungry Dawgz, she is able to combine her love for animals, cooking, creating, and philanthropy.



Bounty Girl


Rescued from the glamorous life of a neglected Hollywood DIVA, Bounty traded in her tiara and personal chef for a life on the beach! With her discerning taste and commitment to excellence, Bounty Girl serves as the Hungry Dawgz Chief Operating Officer and Head Taster.



Ethan EasyE


EasyE may have been found wandering aimlessly near Lake Elsinore a couple of years ago, but today he is purposely strutting down Dogtown and all over Los Angeles to promote the Hungry Dawgz brand.  As our Head of Marketing, EasyE is tasked with evangelizing the benefits of our healthy and tasty treats to both the pets and humans alike.



MannyP Wiggles


Saved from a busy highway just a couple of years ago, MannyP is now happily enjoying his dual job as Hungry Dawgz Chief Security Officer and Quality Control Specialist.  He wiggles his butt for all deserving customers and makes sure that all of our treats meet the highest standards..



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