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Dear Friends and Family of Hungry Dawgz, meet Tayrona, the newest member of our family! She was rescued by our Mumsky while on a yoga retreat in the sacred land of Tayrona, Colombia. She was one of four puppies born there to a dog abandoned by a fisherman. They had no regular supply of freshwater or food (they relied on food and water from visitors who came occasionally). Tayrona was the runt of the litter and is only about 4-5 months old. Getting her from Tayrona to Santa Marta to Bogota to Atlanta and finally to Los Angeles was no easy task! So many wonderful and generous people helped her and Mumsky in their great adventure. As you can see she's already settling in her new home and definitely enjoying our Hungry Dawgz of Dogtown treats! She'll definitely be accompanying us at our events so make sure to stop by. Tayrona loves meeting people and making new friends.

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